Concrete construction

Our core focus is to provide an efficient and professional structural concrete service to existing contractors. We have the experience to undertake the large and complex packages, contracts in challenging locations and environments, or scope that is best suited to a specialist.

We are a team with capabilities from; Site and Project Management to Site Supervision as well as a team of motivated and skilled labour, we aim to outperform our peer group. Alongside our partners, we carefully manage project KPI’s with regards to; budget, progress, quality and safety, maintaining continual dialogue on where each metric may be improved. We don’t just get the job done, we set ourselves the highest standards with regards to HSEQ.

We like to innovate and stay up to date with the advantages resulting from the ongoing development of construction software. In an industry where the big wheels of innovation can turn slow, we see a significant benefit in being fully awake to the capabilities that various 3D modelling, project planning and BIM software packages can have. We can take your precast or tilt-up project through the shop drawing process or 3D modelling process, we can generate bespoke formwork design around various formwork systems.

  • Civil Structures
  • Rural Construction
  • Foundations & substructure
  • In-situ superstructure
  • Bridge Construction
  • Tilt-up and Precast
  • Post tension
  • Architectural Concrete

Site management

It is often difficult to find Site Managers and Supervisors with the specialised skills needed as you need them. We fully engage ourselves as Managers and Supervisors on every project; we are there to ensure success for ourselves and our partners.

  • Concrete repairs
  • Protective coatings and water proofing
  • Epoxy crack injection
  • Joint sealing
  • Structural cementitious grouting
  • Epoxy grouting